Welcoming Leonard Cheshire Disability as a TAAP Inclusion Partner

Photo: Eunice in her wheelchair with other pupils, Kenya (Copyright Leonard Cheshire Disability) The TAAP Initiative is pleased to announce that Leonard Cheshire Disability (LCD) has joined the TAAP Inclusive Initiative. Leonard Cheshire is a disability-led non-profit organization working to support persons with disabilities around the world to fulfil their potential and live the lives … Read the full article.

World Learning Europe in Mongolia

In 2013, a UN General Assembly report highlighted the extreme level of both poverty and human rights violations in Mongolia. The report showed concern in the areas of implementation across almost all social policies, ranging from domestic violence to trafficking. In January, World Learning Mongolia conducted a TAAP (Transforming Agency Access and Power) inclusion analysis … Read the full article.

Glass Bangle Industry in Hyderabad

The glass bangle industry in Hyderabad Pakistan is synonymous with child bonded labour. Girls and boys as young as 7, work 6 days per week in a very hazardous conditions with no access to safety equipment.  The poorest families often have no alternative but to push their children into bonded labour due to debt and unregulated credit arrangements with … Read the full article.

World Learning Europe’s Inclusive Development Toolkit TAAP Workshop

  World Learning Europe’s Inclusive Development Toolkit TAAP Learning and Networking Lunch 1 to 4pm Tuesday 20th June 2017. World Learning Europe is committed to drawing on the full contribution of all voices in society, including groups typically marginalised from political, social and economic power, such as women, youth, people with disabilities, indigenous people, LGBTI … Read the full article.

World Learning’s iPACE program supports engagement in Myanmar

In 2016, Myanmar remains in the midst of a remarkable democratic transition. With a new government in place the credible elections of 2015 and peaceful transfer of power, there are new opportunities for civic engagement that have not been possible in most people’s life in Myanmar. The increase of civil and political liberals in Myanmar present both complex opportunities and challenges. Many civic leaders and activists do not yet … Read the full article.

Education takes central role as Myanmar begins to open

In 2015 Myanmar signed a Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA) with eight ethnic armed groups and successfully held election that saw a landslide victory for the National League for Democracy. Despite this there is work to do as “children suffer from higher levels of malnutrition, mortality, lower enrolment and completion of primary education and higher risks to trafficking, … Read the full article.

Lebanon Teacher Training Program already producing positive results

In 2015, with new challenges rising in Lebanon in the wake of the conflict in Syria, World Learning and partners co-created the DRASATI-2 program.  Its aim was to develop teacher capacity to support the psychosocial wellbeing of students in Lebanense public schools hosting Syrian refugees.  After a full year of implementation we’re pleased to say that outcomes suggest … Read the full article.

DFID delivering £160 million to support education in Lebanon

This week, DFID Secretary of State Priti Patel announced, from Lebanon, that the UK would deliver on its commitment to contribute £160 million over four years to provided free education to hundreds of thousands of children. This is excellent news for the region as it reinforces World Learning Europe’s underlying belief that education is not only a … Read the full article.

Inclusion through exchange in Iraq

Making assumptions about people, communities, cultures, religions and nations can have devastating long-term effects.  When we generalise, we risk both wrongly defining individuals and wrongly holding groups to account for the actions of an individual. Since its first program in 2007, World Learning’s Iraqi Young Leaders Exchange Program (IYLEP) has sought to tackle these problems … Read the full article.