Helping girls learn in Pakistan

Increased access to quality education for girls results in a more peaceful and prosperous society by enabling women to become more economically self-sufficient, improving their self-esteem and critical thinking. In practical terms this means they are more likely to resist violence and forced or child marriage.

We want to see a world where people respect each other’s rights and dignity. Our programmes are designed to build rapport between people, closing the gap and promoting understanding.

In Pakistan, we are currently implementing nationwide programs, building the long-term capacity of institutions, organisations, and individuals to provide quality education, training, and employment opportunities for Pakistani children and youth – specifically girls and the most marginalised. Under the Training for Pakistan project, World Learning is also working on a new initiative entitled the Let Girls Learn/Pakistan Pathways to Success Program (PTS), which aims to empower adolescent girls in underserved areas of Pakistan to keep them in school and to support their transition from school to work in the formal sector or through entrepreneurship. The programme will support adolescent girls between the ages of 13 and 19 in completing technical and vocational education and trainings (TVET); develop strong work readiness skills to support their transition to employment and provide entrepreneurship training and seed funding for a select group of adolescent girls to start their own small business. World Learning will partner with private industries, vocational training institutes, government entities, local organizations, communities and provided targeted capacity building, to support sustainability of activities past the life of the initiative.