Egypt Light and Hope

World Learning Europe is committed to helping children and youth achieve their potential through educational enrichment and support programs that promote academic success, independence and economic sustainability.

World Learning, supported by Boeing under its education focal area, identified a local partner – Light and Hope – that delivers the program on the ground in Egypt. World Learning Europe supports Light and Hope board members, trainers, personnel and target beneficiaries to create more inclusive environments for people with sight disabilities in Egyptian society.

The project objectives include improvement of services provided to the blind and people of low vision as well as raising awareness about the need for social inclusion. The project is designed to benefit visually-impaired women through developing talent and marketable skills that prepare them for inclusion in society, therefore granting them independence through work. Capacity-building for those who work with blind and low-vision people – namely care takers and practitioners –   is central to the program, whilst the increase in efficiency of the program and marketability of products allows the program to increase its sustainability so that it can continue supporting the visually-impaired in the years to come.

Using workshops, community-led support groups, local training organisations and training manuals designed from the beneficiary’s perspective, World Learning Europe aims to create sustainable, lasting, locally-led programs that work to foster inclusion of blind and low-visibility people in Egypt.