Teacher Training in Lebanon

In 2015, with new challenges rising in Lebanon in the wake of the conflict in Syria, World Learning and partners co-created the DRASATI-2 program.  Its aim was to develop teacher capacity to support the psychosocial wellbeing of students in Lebanese public schools hosting Syrian refugees.  After a full year of implementation we’re pleased to say that outcomes suggest the program is successfully delivering on its objectives.

The findings of the evaluation indicate that the 5-Day Essentials training positively impacted teachers’ teaching practices.  Notably, there was an improvement in knowledge among participants, with the percentage that scored above 75% increasing from 48% before the training to 70% after the training.

The biggest area of need was practices for developing social-emotional competence, which is the skill area that saw the most significant increase in proficiency.  Teachers also reported an increase in confidence and motivation in handling student behaviours.

There were positive results from the student side as well, with an increase in students’ comfort in sharing their feelings in class and an even greater increase in children’s psychosocial wellbeing.

There is still more work to be done.  65% of principals reported inadequate resources to provide proper, specialised psychosocial support to students who need it, with 51% noting the main cause of problem behaviour stems from a dysfunctional home environment.

It’s clear from the findings this program is both valuable and necessary.  Future iterations should continue to focus on developing teachers’ classroom management skills and social-emotional competence while also addressing working conditions.

As ever, our belief in inclusivity and community-based approaches to change remain central to the program’s long-term goals and success.  We look forward to continuing this important work.