World Learning launches TAAP toolkit

There’s been a growing recognition that engaging all members of society — including those who are traditionally marginalised — is essential to true progress in any sector. Ensuring inclusion requires a deliberate and thoughtful approach to designing and carrying out development projects whether they’re focused on building literacy, fighting disease, or supporting family farmers.

Now there’s a resource to help development practitioners do just that.

On Wednesday, May 16, World Learning and partners launched the TAAP Toolkit and Guide for Inclusive Development at the World Bank headquarters in Washington, DC. The toolkit was created in collaboration with the Women’s Refugee Commission, IREX, HelpAge International, Mobility International USA, and Leonard Cheshire Disability. “TAAP forces its users to think deeper and find more sustainable and transformative solutions,” said World Learning President and CEO Carol Jenkins in her opening remarks. “We believe this tool is the most comprehensive tool to date to ensure everyone is at the table, heard and respected.”

Anthony Cotton, LGBTI senior advisor at the U.S. Agency for International Development; Emma Pearce, associate director for social inclusion at the Women’s Refugee Commission; and Rizwaan Akhtar, World Learning’s manager of Iraqi youth programs — shared their thoughts on the future of inclusion with TAAP as a guide.

TAAP — which stands for Transforming Agency, Access, and Power — engages development practitioners, organizations, and policymakers to move beyond diversity and amplify the voices, opportunities, and dignity of all people. The toolkit is an accessible and open-source guide offering practical tools, technical advice, and hands-on activities. Launched in Europe last month, it is now available for download worldwide at, where professionals can also sign up to join the TAAP Community of Practice.

To learn more about the TAAP Toolkit and Guide for Inclusive Development and join the TAAP Community of Practice, please visit The TAAP Toolkit partners invite you to join our growing global community of practice in this important work toward changing the international development landscape to ensure that truly, no one is left behind. Please join us by fostering inclusion as you can, where you are, with what you have—and with an unwavering commitment.